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700 North LBJ Dr
Suite 103
San Marcos, TX 78666

Cell Phone: (512) 216-3402

Office Phone: (512) 805-7767

Fax: 512-805-7780


Types of Apartments

Student Housing
These apartments have individual leases (roommate matching available), are fully furnished, and many will pay for some of your bills. They also have several great amenities such as a 24 hour computer lab, gym, basketball court, and volleyball court. 

Conventional Apartments

These types of apartments do not have individual leases. They are much more flexible with move in dates. They are typically very quiet communities because not as many college students live here.


These are a hybrid of apartments and houses. They are basically two story houses that are side-by-side with other houses. You share a wall, but unlike an apartment, you will not have anyone living above or below you.
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