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San Marcos, TX 78666

Cell Phone: (512) 216-3402

Office Phone: (512) 805-7767

Fax: 512-805-7780


Why use a Locator?

1) It's free
2) I know what I'm doing
3) Save you time, and money - Spend minutes, not days, to find your next home

I wish I had known about apartment locators when I first moved to San Marcos, Texas, because I moved into an apartment that was not best for me. Not only did I not know about apartment locators, I didn't know that they were free.

I talk with apartment complexes every day and are up-to-date with current specials for the month and availability. 

Not all apartments are equal. Some are older, some are brand new. Some only have one bedroom, some have four. 

A lot of apartments offer student housing because Texas State is in the center of San Marcos. Depending on what you are looking for, I know which one will best match your needs. 

There are over 60 apartments in San Marcos, and that number is growing! Let me find the right one for you, for FREE!

Instead of driving around all weekend, or looking online at inaccurate prices and inaccurate availability, just come to me and I'll give you accurate information.

How Can I Offer This Service For Free? 

As an Apartment locator, I have to have my real estate license. Apartment locators are all licensed real estate agents. If we were not, we would not be able to provide you with any service. Because we are licensed agents, we are professionals who get paid a commission by the apartment that you sign with. 

Using a locator does not change your rent, or disqualify you from any specials that apartments are offering. Quite the opposite actually. It's usually the apartment locators that know of all the specials in town and how to save you the most money!

All apartments have a marketing budget which they spend to try to fill up their apartment complex. That's how our commission is covered. 

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